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Poster size:  24" W x 36" H

Stock:  Endurance Gloss 80#

US $ 9.95 each

This poster depicts various portals, doors and gates, the center being the Eastern Gate (also known as the Golden Gate) in Jerusalem.  Beams of light emanate from this gate,  touching every tribe, tongue, and nation.


At the top of the poster Psalm 24:7 is quoted in English, down the right side in Spanish, across the bottom in French, and up the left side in German.


These photos were taken over a span of 20 years and include private residences, court houses, city halls, farm houses, apartment houses, churches, pubs, mansions and hovels -- some structures in fine condition, others in a state of disrepair.


It reminds us that God is present everywhere, can penetrate anything, and will abide with any person who welcomes Him.


"Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart."  

First Samuel 16:7b


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